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The Impact of Student and Peer Behaviour On EFL Teachers' Motivation and Job Satisfaction in a Saudi Arabian Context

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Andy Pacino
ELT Central, UK

Faiza Qureshi
Murdoch University Dubai, UAE

This article investigates the effect that students and peers, their behaviours, and the way classes are practically and physically taught affect teachers’ motivation and job satisfaction in a Saudi Arabian context. A lack of trained teachers, unawareness of the cultural differences between their home country and that of Saudi Arabia, and the lack of training and induction in their working life, means it may be difficult to integrate into the workplace and, indeed, society. This has a knock on effect on their personal and professional lives, and added to the somewhat perplexing attitudes of some students and peer teachers, who for reasons including non-compliance, unwillingness and demotivation among students, as well as peer teachers who were perceived as poor, untrained and uncooperative, can make time at work within the Kingdom difficult, unrewarding and lonely. This results in many teachers feeling unappreciated, demotivated and demoralised, and they have little satisfaction in the job they are doing.

Teacher job satisfaction, teacher motivation, student teacher relationships, Saudi Arabia